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Monkey Grass Seeds

   Apr 12

Monkey Grass Seeds

How to plant Monkey Grass

Grass is previously seen as a weed. It takes up space, does not give fruit and is basically a headache to a lot of gardeners around. That was long before but now monkey grass seeds are actually very delicately handled by horticulturists. This is actually not just a grass since it has leaves that look likes a blade and it also gives flowers. Well anyway, that is how they call it and it is treated as such anyway.

Nowadays, lawns are being planted with monkey grass seeds mainly for decor. It does look good as it is not like the usual grass with fine dark green leaves. So if you are to use this o your lawn, you are sure to stand out from all of the people within the neighbourhood.

It is originally from Asian countries, Japan and China that is why it is best used for an Asian inspired garden. It gives a very oriental feel to your home’s facade. You may add some lanterns or some lamps and you already have a winner. Just make sure you have a good shade.

Planting monkey grass seeds requires a starter fertilizer to the top soil probably around an inch to 2 deep. Make sure it is tilled with a rake for even distribution of the nutrients.

You may put these monkey grass seeds during spring or fall but not during the wet season. These are very light and may easily be washed away. So if you are to do so, you might end up with a lawn with patchy grass which won’t look good. Though, this plant is actually planted for that very reason. Its root will prevent the soil from being eroded but until it does have the roots to keep them intact, make sure it will not be exposed to heavily flowing water.

Once planted, make sure you have dividers, most especially in the edges where you intend to not have any unwanted outgrowth. This should be around 12 inches deep but it could be as shallow as eight.

You may use your hands in applying the seeds, so just scatter it to the acidic soil that was tilled earlier. For an even distribution, you may use seed spreader or slit seeder, which is more advisable for those who are very keen to details.

So that it will be covered, you must rake the seeds deep into the soil. After this is done, have 1 part compost – two part topsoil mixture ready and cover it. Once everything is hidden, you may still put seeds on top.

It will then be watered for the soil and seed to settle in. Again, make sure that it will not erode much of the soil and most importantly, the seed.

This is also what’s great with growing monkey grass seeds. They are not high maintenance and do not require much attention. It only needs to be watered once a week and it is not mowed once every two weeks. Though you might need to always assess the appearance of your lawn for you to know how often you have to contact your lawn mower.

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