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Monkey Grass Pruning

   May 20

Monkey Grass Pruning

When Is The Best Time To Trim Down The Monkey Grass In Your Lawn?

When is the best time to do your monkey grass pruning? Actually, you trim and plant this grass in almost any time of the year as long as the ground is not covered by snow. Plant it while it still has time to grow the rounded leaves because if the season is not suitable for making it grow, the leaves will be very thin, making it very strange because the normal shape of the grass’ leaves are rounded. This grass is also referred as the lily turf or sometimes called as the Liriope grass.

This Liriope grass is great for covering the grounds and it does not really require a lot of hard core maintenance as it can survive during the very wet seasons (where the leaves shows a very vibrant green color) and the extremely hot seasons (where the leaves are almost like withering because it is making way for the new ones to grow) which dry the soil too much.

One of the good benefits of having this kind of grass is it can prevent soil erosion because the roots of this grass, though very tiny, it can provide a steady hold to the soil.

There are two types of this lily turf grass. One is the spreading type which makes monkey grass pruning very hard to handle for it can spread and cover your entire garden in such a little time.

It can even cover the smaller plants alive that is why it is not advisable to combine the spreading lily turf to other plants or using it as your garden cover. The best place to use this spreading lily turf is on islands beside the sidewalk of the street.

The other type of lily turf on the other hand is the one that stays where you put it. It does not really spread a lot and blooms beautiful purple grass-like flowers.

To do your monkey grass pruning, you can do it by hand (if you want), with a mower or a weed whacker machine. You have to do the monkey grass pruning in order to make space for the new sprouts which happens after the winter season. And you also have to do trimming in order to keep your lawn nice and tidy.

You have to do monkey grass pruning whenever you see it actively spreading. Usually, the trimming is done during February or March. But this one really depends especially when there is a sudden change in climate. Since the lily turf is easy to sprout one clump of grass in just a matter of weeks, sometimes instead of just trimming the grass, you have to dig down and remove the excess or the unwanted portion of it. And while trimming it, the ideal length to trim down is no longer than 3 inches to 4 inches. If you go beyond the said length, there is a very big chance of this grass not being able to grow back anymore and you will just wait for it to wither.

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