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Monkey Grass Care

   Feb 25

Monkey Grass Care

Caring for monkey grass is very easy and is much the same as any other plant. Monkey grass is actually a very low maintenance plant. It comes from the lilly family and given its robust qualities are often used for landscaping because it can deal with most environments.

We will break down monkey grass care into three categories.


Monkey grass care is important when planting. It’s good to note that unlike standard grass, monkey grass is not a weed. It is part of the lilly family and thus classified as a plant.

When planting, ensure there are no weeds in the area, as they can starve your grass from well needed nutrients as its growing. It is also suggested to lightly fertilize soil, this will give your monkey grass the best start.

Pruning / Cutting:

Often people wonder about whether they should, or how often to prune and cut back their monkey grass. When pruning your monkey grass, you ideally do not want to cut it back any further than down to 3-4 inches. Any shorter than this it will have trouble surviving and growing back. The amount you trim essentially comes down to aesthetics, providing its no shorter than 3 inches.

For pruning we recommend standard garden trimmers. These give you more control than your average lawn mover which can do far too much damage.

After trimming, be sure to fertilize and weed the nearby areas. This will ensure healthy regrowth.


If you’re living in a very hot environment that gets little water, it is advised to water your monkey grass just as often as you would your entire garden. Ideally this should be around once or twice a week, obviously depending on the weather were you live. Best way to do this I automated sprinker systems, which can save you the chore of watering your plants twice a week!

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