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Monkey Grass Berries

   Feb 20

Monkey Grass Berries

Certain types of Monkey grass (also known as mondo grass) are known for growing berries. The berries are a very vivid blue colour and can grow to around 5mm in diameter. As well as growing berries monkey grass can sprout white / pale lilac flowers which bloom in the summer.

Several types of monkey grass have berries, more often the “clumping” vaierty as opposed to the “creeping” grow berries. You will see the berries start develop around September, where they add a very attractive fare to the monkey grass.

Most notably more berries is the popular “Liriope muscari” variety. This particular type of monkey grass grows in clumps and produces beautiful dark purple berries. This is one the few varieties that grow dark purple berries as opposed to vivid blue.

Often people ask if the berries grown by the grass poisonous to humans and especially dogs. Problem is dogs eat just about anything without any idea of what they’re actually consuming. Monkey grass berries are mildly poisonous. Fortunately they are not life threatening if they are eaten. If a dog was to eat a bunch of monkey grass berries it will be sick and have bad diarrhoea. It is highly advised to not allow your dog to eat monkey grass berries. It is also wise not to eat the berries yourself!

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