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Monkey Grass and its Types

   Jan 25

Monkey Grass and its Types

The monkey grass, also known as fountain plant or Mondo grass is Japan native and is of the Ophiopogon grass species. This kind of grass is always green with linear leaves measuring about 10 to 40 centimeters in length. The grass produces white or lilac flowers and its fruits are blue about 5 mm in diameter. Now the monkey grass can be grown for both medicinal and decorative purposes.  The plant’s tuber is used as in medicinal purposes in the treatment of yin deficiency. According to some Chinese medics, the medicinal tuber is slightly cold, bitter and sweet. Once the herb is taken, it enters the stomach, lung and heart channels and nourishes the organs’ yin leading to stopping of irritation and clearing of unwanted heat in the organs. Again, the herb can be used for dry tongue, dry cough, dry mouth and constipation.

Monkey Grass

On decoration, the monkey grass is grown to provide for ground cover. The plant is sold for fresh water aquaria but in real sense the plant is not an aquatic plant and so at times it may flourish for some period and then die. Even then, if one decides to grow the plant for whichever purpose, it is of important to note the following. First, the plant will flourish in -20 degrees Celsius when grown in normal soils in winter outdoors. Secondly, if it will to totally submerged, the water should be of between 18 and 25 degrees Celsius. It can be grown in a partial shade or full sun.

Types of monkey grass.
There are various types of monkey grass and the variations come in with the grass’ characteristics and uses. The first type is the Liriope muscari.  This type produces purple-spiked flowers and its fruits are dark purple. Even then, there are also some that will produce white flowers. This can be effectively used for edging borders, walkways or flowerbeds.Second is the L. spicata.  This is often referred as the creeping liriope. It is an aggressive spreader and so it can effective for larger gardens. If used on small gardens it can easily choke other plantings on the garden. Next is the mondo grass. This is the smaller species of the monkey grass which produces dark colored flowers and fruits. It can be effectively used in formal settings.  This type does very well in partial shades than in full sun.

Monkey grass might be just what you need for your flower garden. Here are reasons why you need to have monkey grass is your garden. First, caring for monkey grass is simple.  It needs little or no fertilization to make it flourish. Second, it can stand extreme temperature variations like droughts and heat. Again, the monkey grass can be grown in literary on any kind of grass. Monkey grass is weed invasion resistant and it is rarely affected by diseases and pests. The grass can do well whether in partial shades or under full sun. Again, it comes in varieties, some spreading much more and others which are clumping in nature.

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