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Liriope Muscari

   Mar 01

Liriope Muscari

There are multiple varieties of monkey grass, most notably being Liriope Muscari monkey grass which is commonly refereed to as Lilyturf. It is notorious for being a very robust plant, being able to survive in virtually any condition.

Monkey Grass:

Liriope Muscari grows to around 1 foot tall of sharp vivid green grass and in the spring will bloom very unique tall spikey lilac flowers. Because of the height and unique flowers this grass produces, it makes it ideal for landscape borders. If you want to prune and trim your monkey grass, its important not to cut the grass below 3 inches.


Around august it will start to produce a dark blue / black berry. It is important not to eat these berries! They will make you ill. You can harvest these berries and dry them out, this will give you the liriope muscari seeds which you can use to plant more.


The fibrous roots of this plant can be reasonably greedy, which is another reason why it makes for a great border plant. As the roots are greedy, most plants / weeds / grass will not grow beyond the border of lilyturf. Interestingly, the roots are also used in Chinese medicine. Due to the roots of this plant, it is also useful for any areas with soil erosion on slopes etc. This plant will hold the soil in place and reduce erosion.

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