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Dwarf Monkey Grass

   Feb 18

Dwarf Monkey Grass

Lawn is considered as the vital part of a garden and landscape. The green part of your garden or landscape acts just like a canvas, cover and a base for the vivid hues. So it becomes important to take care of it properly. No matter what you are using for your lawn you may either use small plants or else you may simply leave them plain and green. But the most important thing is that you have to ensure that the grasses on your lawn are healthy, looks lush and remain green always. So, for this you need to have proper knowledge about grasses and you should take care of your lawn properly. However, there are various types of grasses available for lawns. Among them the most beautiful grass is the Dwarf monkey grass, this type of grass offer greenery look to your garden always and also makes your lawn look complete. This type of grass is in hype nowadays especially for landscape design.

The scientific name of this grass is Ophiopogon japonicas. This origin of this grass is Japan and Korea and they mainly grow in clumps. But this grass grows very slowly and the color of the grass is dark green. It comes under the group of grass but this plant is a member of lily family in actual. This grass is mainly used by people for decoration purpose along with the flower beds or else they are used as a border of a garden or path. This type of grass is mainly used for lawns because of its height that don’t increase after 4”. Moreover, scythe is only required once in a year. Just like the other plants this grass is also capable to retain the natural green color that too under drought conditions. This grass doesn’t require much water and sunlight to grow.

People are considering this plant as the most practical and effective ornament for gardening. It is easy and simple to plant dwarf monkey grass. You may plant this grass in two different ways. You may either plant this grass by purchasing some superior seeds or else you may purchase the monkey grass plugs from any reputed nursery. Simply you have to dig a hole on your ground and plant it. Remember to water them after planting it. Keep watering them regularly. Provide some time so that they can grow properly. If you want to propagate it then it is suggested that you should replant grass plugs. It may take some extra time to grow but once they are grown they look beautiful and gorgeous then other plant.

The appearance of this plant is just similar to regular grass. They are not too expensive as well. They are drought resistance as well as they are very easy to grow. It is used for xeriscaping because it don’t required much water and sunlight to grow. Don’t use any kind of machine to plant Dwarf monkey grass because they are very delicate and can’t bear the force of machines.

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