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Black Monkey Grass

   Aug 09

Black Monkey Grass

Black Monkey Grass: A Landscape Staple

Landscaping, in general, is a particularly challenging art that fuses numerous aspects all for the name of aestheticism. Factors such as money, location, time and sustainability, and social/personal preference affect the level of challenge it poses. Even choosing the right plant that best suits our needs is a tough decision to make. Our lawns are not always perfect. Trouble spots appear here and there. Ground cover plants are the easiest and sometimes, inexpensive option to solve this problem. In consideration to the factors mentioned in relation to plant selection, evergreen perennials are desirable. One of the best landscape staple is the black monkey grass.

Black Monkey GrassScientifically known as Ophiopogon planiscarpus, this plant can retain its luscious leaves for over a period of years. The specific black foliage that the plant has is attributable to its dark purple pigment. This gives a dramatic visual effect when the plant is used together with lighter toned ones. It beautifully enhances color by serving as the contrast.

Using the black monkey grass outweighs the pros than the cons. It perfectly considers all the stated factors that a landscaper or homeowner has to check and balance.

1. Money
The grass is basically inexpensive. It requires less maintenance and can survive numerous weather conditions. Weeds are not a problem. Its thick and clumpy foliage can easily cover those stubborn weeds. Disease is a nuisance. Yellowing of the black monkey grass’ hardy bottom part that can eventually wither the leaves is the plant’s most common infirmity. Susceptibility to such diseases however is low. And just like diseases, pests are not a material concern.

2. Location
This is not an issue at all for the black monkey grass as it can be grown even under direct sunlight or under shade. Edging and bordering are its common uses. But it can also be used between walkways and stepping stones.

3. Time and Sustainability
The black monkey grass can withstand harsh conditions and has an average lifespan of two years. Growing it is simple as keeping it. Thus, the hassle of constant supervision and replacement is minimized. Also, it can grow to any soil type and less maintenance is required.

4. Personal/Social Preference
Since the beauty of landscaping can’t just be seen by a single person, it is best to determine what is pleasing to the viewing public. This is not a big issue though, if the space involved is a homeowner’s lawn. The family from which the black monkey grass belongs has a number of variations that one can creatively mix with the former.
The black monkey grass’ versatility and adaptability to different environments is extraordinary. It is indeed a landscape wonder.


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