Monkey Grass

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   Jan 25

Monkey Grass

Monkey grass has been severally referred to as a weed although it is far away from qualifying to be one. Weeds compete with crops for nutrients from the soil but monkey grass is only used to border kitchen gardens and flowerbeds in a farm. It is easy to grow, maintain and can survive under any climatic condition. Monkey grass is rarely affected by diseases or attacked by pests. In addition, it has very strong rooting system and can spread inside the garden or flowerbed against your wishes prompting you to get rid of it completely. The fact that it has a well developed root system makes it hard to remove monkey grass but this article will give you some tips on how to get rid of this notorious grass from your farm.

Monkey Grass

First of all, you can use the most tiring way of digging the grass up. Removing it alone is not enough to deal a blow to the grass from forcefully invading your farm because it might return. Dig deeper to remove the roots because if left down in the soil, they will develop into fresh grass within no time. One dig up is not enough to eradicate the grass but it will require several such practices for it to completely disappear. Once the garden is clear, plant fast spreading vines to cover the ground. This will deny the roots that might have been left the light and moisture essential for growth and ensure they completely die. You can also introduce root barriers to restrict the downward development of its roots. The grass will within a very short time become deficient of nutrients and water since there is no more root growth and eventually dry up. This method is not that reliable to use as it is only ideal for use during dry seasons only.

In desperate situation, you can use chemicals to dry the grass before uprooting it. For this method to be effective, spray the grass with herbicides when it is still young because its resistance to chemicals at that stage is very low but using it in the latter stages might fail to yield anything. A professional landscaper can also help you completely do away with monkey grass in your garden. He will come on board with professional advice on how best you can handle the problem without interfering with the soil structure. He will of course need some money in exchange of the service but don’t mind as your problem is getting the grass out of the farm. You can still use tarping method to eradicate monkey grass by thinning some of its leaves. When you cover grass with tarp, a lot of heat is absorbed by the tarp that helps to damage the grass till it dries up completely.

In instances where monkey grass prove hard to eliminate, contemplate using a combination of these methods. If a method cannot work well with another don’t force it but do with those that are compatible only. And if none is compatible with another, then try other possible methods.

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